Nicole B.

“I have struggled with weight loss, anxiety, depression, mood swings and insomnia since having my last child almost 4 years ago.  I set up a call with Becca and immediately signed up because I FINALLY felt like someone knew how to help me by getting to the root of my issues. Over the last few months I have absolutely loved working with her! She has helped me tremendously! I am sleeping better, my skin looks brighter and I’m not a raging monster to my family anymore. She gets back to me so quickly with any questions I have and has been such a great source of support in my emotional, mental and physical health. If you’ve tried everything else and aren’t getting the results you desperately need, she is your gal! I can’t recommend her enough!”

Cynthia C.

“Since starting my work with Becca I have lost 15 pounds.  This is the quickest I’ve ever made progress in my weight journey.  On top of that, I’m sleeping better, my cycles are normal, I’m not sleeping all weekend long.  I’m actually able to enjoy my time with my family.  I’ve noticed changes in my body composition.  My body looks leaner.  I know because I’m actually looking at myself in the mirror instead of ignoring it.  I’m also having to get smaller clothes.  What Becca teaches changes all of you!”


Courtney W.

“Becca and her practice Holistic Obsession saved my life! Having known Becca for over five years, I immediately turned to her when my body started failing me. She laid out a plan for me based on a number of factors after I completed a few questionnaires and some labs that you don’t find in traditional physician offices. These tests read dysfunction that is happening in your body that is often unchecked.
I loved working with Becca and her methods for explaining the lab results, how my body was reacting to environmental factors and stress as well as not so great eating habits.
As a result of working with Becca, my body healed itself and I began understanding what I needed to do to continue the bodily healing process going forward.
I trust Becca and I believe in her work! I would recommend her practice to anyone. You will find answers and see results.”

Deanna G.

“For years, I lived with moderate fatigue, mood swings, headaches, skin issues, and intestinal issues. I always saw these issues as independent of one another and, because they had been my normal for so long, just chalked it up to getting older. When the headaches worsened and fatigue made it hard to get through the day, I knew it was time to make a change, but had no idea where to start. During a consultation with Becca, I gained a better understanding of how our gut health directly impacts our overall health and wellbeing, and learned that these symptoms were likely all connected to food sensitivities. Through the food sensitivity testing and Becca’s guidance, I have been able to identify and eliminate the specific foods that were causing inflammation and irritation in my body, and have seen a significant decrease in the symptoms I lived with for so long. My experience with Becca was an absolute investment in my health and has allowed me to feel more knowledgeable about how to best take care of my body. I highly recommend Becca and her services. Your body will thank you!”

Susan M.

“In 2020 I was spiraling down a path of many unknowns which was causing anxiety and fear. I tried, unsuccessfully on my own, to figure out what was making me feel extreme fatigue, lack of passion, and an onset of new food intolerance symptoms. I was also burning my candle on both ends trying to navigate through the pandemic while taking care of being a mom to two and a wife. I was finally diagnosed with chronic EBV, but I knew there was more going on. I wasn’t getting any answers from my doctor so I got desperate. I reached out to Becca and it was the smartest thing I could have done. She listened, cared, and genuinely wanted to help me get back to being me. In my time with her over the past several months she has helped me put pieces of the puzzle together and has given me guidance as to what I need to be on a track for a healthy future.”

Bekie A.

“Becca is amazing!  It has been a huge relief to identify the root causes of my symptoms with a holistic approach.  I had been self-treating my health issues separately without success.  Several months of extreme fatigue, bloating, weight gain, and allergic reactions left me feeling frustrated and exhausted.  Within two months of beginning a functional health coaching program with Becca, my energy levels are not only back to normal, but above average.  I now know how to avoid allergic reactions and blaoting.  I’ve even lost weight.  Becca approached the issues as a whole to get to the root of the problems.  She is also a joy to work with!”


 Kali S.

“I took the leap to work with Becca Kyle and I’m so incredibly thankful for her. We have done a plethora of labs and she has zeroed in on what has been making me feel so miserable and what my body has been lacking and what my body NEEDS.  While I’m only 1/3 of my way through my program with her and still have a lot of healing to do, I am seeing so many incredible results….the soul crushing anxiety? It was a histamine intolerance ya’ll!!! The “healthy food” I was eatin wasn’t healthy FOR ME! I’m learning so much about my body and what to avoid and what to add more of, this information is invaluable!!!  I’ve lost 16 pounds since working with her but I wasn’t sure where it was gone from…until I saw a side by side for myself.  I haven’t been working out besides walking due to other health things needing me to slow down on that, but from feeding my body the right foods and avoiding the foods I’m reactive to and working on healing my leaky- SO MUCH PROGRESS!”


Anna F.

“I felt sluggish for years and recently have had multiple bizarre symptoms arise. Thankfully I found Becca, with Holistic Obsession, who has been a game changer for me. After my first round of testing and protocol suggestions with Becca, I have experienced a marked increase in energy and my body is functioning much more efficiently. My brain fog has lifted, my digestion has normalized and I feel human again. I am taking a deeper dive with Becca’s help in the coming months and look forward to optimizing my health even more. I highly recommend Becca and wish I had done this sooner.”

Taylor G.

“Do you have hormone imbalances? Do you get groggy, fatigue, cranky, Irritable, emotional (eek don’t use that word) around your cycle.
I’m here to tell you, there’s an answer to not experiencing any symptoms.
I know I KEEP sharing this every month. BUT, it keeps blowing my mind. I used to have severe symptoms. Used to get so cranky. This month, I was like, it’s gotta be coming soon, but I’ve had NO symptoms. So, I check my calendar and what do you know. I’m two days out. Usually, I wouldn’t have been nice to those who didn’t deserve it. I would be so tired I couldn’t do anything. I used to have about 2-3 weeks of symptoms. Not even lying. Most women I talk to tell me they have one good week out of the month. THAT IS NOT NORMAL!!! I used to be like that. NOT this month. NOT even a little sign.”



I don’t live near you.  Can we still work together?

Holistic Obsession is 100% virtual.  I do all of my consults and coaching sessions via video chat or phone and work with clients all over the country.  

Do you take insurance?

I do not bill insurance.  I do, however, take payment plans for my programs if that helps you to get started now.

What is functional nutrition?

Just because something might be a “healthy food” doesn’t mean it is healthy for you.  I take an individualized approach to nutrition by utilizing functional labs to determine the ideal foods that help your body thrive.  I use nutritional genetic and food sensitivities tests, look at neurotransmitter, vitamin and mineral levels and assess the health of the gut to give each client the ideal nutritional blueprint for her.


How do functional labs work?

Lab kits are expedited directly to your home.  Samples needed may include: stool, urine, hair, saliva, cheek swab or blood.  You collect all samples but the blood draw in the privacy of your home and mail the sample to the lab in the pre-paid envelope.  If a blood draw is needed you’ll be given instructions for choosing the lab closest to you.

Are results guaranteed?

My programs are an opt-in model of self-care.  I assess, educate, motivate, and give clients the tools to succeed.  Ultimately though it is up to each individual to work the program created for her and to stay committed and consistent.  Small changes daily = big changes over time.  Because I cannot and will not micromanage each step of a program, the only one who can guarantee success is the client herself.