Nervous System and Burnout Support for Entrepreneurs and Professionals $20 a Week Membership Community

This weekly membership strategically supports the nervous systems of entrepreneurs and professionals to prevent and recover from burnout.  

You’ll get content dropped right into your inbox, a community chat function and weekly office hours to pop into and ask questions.   

This is a weekly membership and may canceled at any time, but we encourage you to stay for all the weekly support that can uplevel your health and your business.   

Ultimately, good health is not a luxury—it’s a strategic asset that gives entrepreneurs and professionals a competitive edge and contributes to overall success in business. Prioritizing health is not only an investment in each individual employee and team, but also in the future success of business ventures.

Improved physical and mental health creates better team relationships, supports better decision making and stress management, increases productivity and creativity, improves focus and concentration, enhances confidence and self-esteem, and bolsters long-term sustainability.

Upcoming Topics

  • Burnout prevention and recovery for professionals

  • Stress, hormones and nervous system regulation

  • Improving energy, creativity and productivity

  • Ditching brain fog for a more effective workday

  • Creating better work/life balance

  • Mental health and cognitive function start in in the gut

  • Transforming the body from an enemy to an ally