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The Holistic Bloodwork Masterclass

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Becca’s bloodwork class was so informative and eye-opening for me.  I feel more confident in discussing my lab work with my doctor and making decisions for my care.  The workshop truly was filled with helpful information.

Wow, the Bloodwork Masterclass and Worksheet are game changers for taking control of my health and wellness.

I feel empowered to advocate for myself and ask for the labs I need versus what the doctor decides to plug in.

Plugging in a couple of years’ worth of bloodwork data into the worksheet gave me an interesting view of my health and trends I would not have otherwise noticed.  Dare I say, it makes bloodwork results fun?!

The work Becca has put into this class and resources is incredible.  I feel armed with valuable information and insights.

I can educate myself, by leveraging a ready-made resource that easily helps decipher blood draw results.

The trends to look for, more detailed info to understand lab work and ranges help me to have a much deeper understanding of what my bloodwork is really telling me.

-Happy clients 

Check out a sneak peek of the incredible resources in the masterclass!

Discover the power of the self-paced Holistic Bloodwork Masterclass and

unlock the secrets of your bloodwork results!

The goal of this masterclass is to empower you to take ownership of your health, give you confidence in advocating for yourself to your doctor, give you a deep understanding of what your bloodwork is really telling you, and support the lifestyle shifts necessary to create optimal health.  


You’ll learn:

  • The importance of understanding your own blood chemistry

  • What does the blood actually do?

  • The problem with lab reference ranges

  • How to advocate for yourself 

  • Baseline panels I recommend

  • Bloodwork patterns and symptom presentations

  • How to interpret your own bloodwork using functional (optimal) ranges

  • Actionable steps to empower you to towards better health and wellness no matter what level of support you get from your doctor

You’ll Get:

  • Workshop video to get examples of how to use the course
  • Downloadable functional range bloodwork markers worksheet that automatically tells you if a marker is high, low or in range
  • Biohacking lifestyle video library
  • Lab panel modules filled with important information, bloodwork patterns, symptom presentations and action steps you can take to shift your out-of-range markers in the right direction
  • Action steps for advocating for health and wellness to your doctor
  • Options for getting your own bloodwork if you don’t have access to it
  • Access to supplements at a discount

A note about functional ranges:

  • Your doctor uses traditional medical ranges to assess your bloodwork.
  • Traditional lab ranges include a sick population and are used to diagnose a disease state.
  • Labs like Quest and LabCorp take an average of the sick population getting a lab.
  • Traditional lab ranges are very wide, which is why you can be “in medical range”, but still feel terrible.
  • Functional lab ranges, also known as optimal ranges, differ from conventional lab reference ranges in that they aim to identify optimal health and function rather than simply diagnosing disease. 
  • Functional ranges are used to educate people on how to try and stay as far away from the disease state as possible. 
  • In other words, staying an in optimal health state to prevent transitioning into a disease state.
  • If you address something through the functional range lens, it tends to be easier to correct than when something is out of medical range.
  • Using medical ranges misses a huge opportunity to address dysfunction before it turns into disease.


Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity with our easy-to-follow class.

We provide you with an easy-to-use worksheet to effortlessly input your blood markers and learn if they are in or out of functional range. Plus, we’ve got your back with handy guides for each marker, detailing the highs and lows and what steps you can take to steer your body back into balance.

Often our symptoms get dismissed by doctors or we are told that everything is in range and we are “fine”, but we truly don’t feel well.  If we truly didn’t have any problems, we would feel great!  

It’s time to stop allowing your bloodwork panels to collect “dust” in your doctor’s office portal and start using them to empower your wellness.

We are often set up to fail by traditional medicine, which means if you don’t have the ability to speak your doctor’s language, you don’t know how to question their processes and advocate for yourself.

We SHOULD be asking questions during appointments, but often don’t know where to start.  Get the tools and strategies to advocate for yourself with CONFIDENCE at your next doctor’s appointment.  

Understanding your bloodwork is the perfect launch point into taking extreme, extravagant and luxurious ownership of your wellness vs leaving it in the hands of those who can’t or won’t help you.

It’s time to unleash your inner wellness warrior!

If you don’t have access to a doctor who will order your bloodwork, you’ll get access to get it for yourself in most states.  

Do you want to truly understand what your bloodwork is telling you about your biochemistry?

Do your health concerns get dismissed or have you been told to “just eat right and exercise”?

Do you want to become your own health detective and understand what your bloodwork (or your family’s) markers really mean along with action steps to take?

Do you want to be proactive in creating better health before your doctor thinks you need drugs or surgery?

Are you tired of the sickness care model of wellness and excited to stop chasing symptoms and start chasing better health? 

Are you interested in holistic wellness support, but functional labs aren’t in your current budget?  

Then the Holistic Bloodwork Analysis Master Class is exactly what you need.

Learn how to assess your bloodwork according to optimal/functional ranges.

(This is the range where your body should be functioning well.)

Become your own health detective! 

At just $199, this master class is an easy investment in your health and the health of your family. 

It’s a one-time purchase that you can use over and over again!

Stop the symptom hijack and start addressing your chronic symptoms at the root cause. 

Welcome to empowerment and ownership of your wellness.