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I help driven women make more money without overworking by reversing adrenal burnout.

It’s time to transform your body from an enemy to an ally so you can create the wealth that gives you time and financial freedom .  

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The first step to improving your health is to be seen, heard, and believed by a health professional who understands root cause wellness and to know, without a doubt, that your body has the capacity to heal once you give it what it needs.

Becca Kyle, FDN-P, HHP, M. Ed.

Hi!  I’m Becca and I’m obsessed with finding root cause solutions to my clients’ adrenal burnout symptoms so they can have the power and capacity to achieve their business and financial goals. 

What would you be capable of if your body and mind were operating at full strength consistently?

What if you woke up each morning ready and excited to face the day instead of dreading another day of surviving, living in stress mode? 

What if you could improve your creativity, productivity and capacity to go after that raise or promotion, start your own business or scale the business you already have?

I want you to know that you CAN get there once you give your body what it needs.

At some point in our lives, most women experience a season of burnout, or if you’re like me, multiple seasons of burnout. I get it. I spent years ignoring my chronic symptoms as my body simply tried to communicate with me and I crashed and burned. 

What I learned though, is that when I gave my body what it needed and solved my adrenal burnout at the root cause level, my energy improved, brain fog lifted, creativity skyrocketed and I started solving problems at a world class level because my days were no longer hijacked by my chronic symptoms.

Instead of stressing about having to be near a toilet at all times because of my IBS, flubbing conversations because I couldn’t find words or daydreaming about a nap, I started:

  • Connecting with people in dynamic ways
  • Creating content that converted to more clients
  • Feeling more expansive in my time instead of constantly feeling like I was behind
  • Getting more accomplished in less time
  • Achieving better work/home balance
  • Taking nights and weekends off from working my business to have more fun

Guess what happened next?  That’s right.  I started making more money, in less time, with more ease.

You CAN stop the constant hustle and grind by reversing your adrenal burnout.  Women aren’t meant to constantly operate in a masculine energy.  We are meant to exist in flow, embracing our innate feminine super powers.  And when you do that, your natural rhythms of magnetism, creativity and productivity empower you to make more money without overworking. 

When you’re in adrenal burnout however, the same task that used to cost you $1 in time, energy and effort now costs your body $10.  You stop being in flow and your nervous system starts operating in fight/flight/freeze (stress) mode.  You start to feel like you have to hustle, grind, and work harder and longer just to stay where you are and keep your head above water.  

Being in a state of burnout can leave you feeling depleted and cascades into a multitude of chronic symptoms such as chronic fatigue, unexplained rage, gut issues like IBS, constipation or bloating, hair loss, brain fog, low libido, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, inability to deal with stress, PMS/painful cycle, or stubborn weight that you can’t seem to lose no matter what you try.

I bet you could quickly list some of the external triggers for your burnout… work, parenting, never getting a break, wearing too many hats, being overscheduled, not taking time for rest and play, being an entrepreneur…

But did you know you might be missing some of the most important root causes of your burnout symptoms?

Burnout impacts your body’s ability to respond to stressors of all kinds. Sometimes the stressors that cause burnout are known. This could be a relationship or job, emotional trauma or a physical injury for example. What you may not know is that internal stressors initiate the same exact stress response in the body and if not dealt with can overflow your stress bucket and lead to, that’s right…burnout symptoms. It becomes a vicious cycle.

As we work on your known stressors together we utilize functional labs to determine what internal stressors, or healing opportunities, are at the root causes of your overflowing stress bucket. It’s time to empty out that bucket and build in some buffer. Because life will happen. And when it does, I want you to have resilience built back up so you have the capacity to handle what life throws at you without it creating a roadblock to your financial goals and dreams.

Some of the most common internal stressors I see on my clients’ lab work include, leaky gut, gut infections like bacteria and parasites, blood sugar imbalance, mold toxicity, mineral and nutrient deficiencies, candida overgrowth, heavy metals, environmental toxins, and genetic variants that aren’t being supported with lifestyle. These root causes can make your body try to get your attention that something is wrong which can feel like, yes, you guessed it, those pesky symptoms.

Are you ready for a root cause adrenal burnout reversal that empowers you to have the capacity to make more money without overworking?  

Imagine all you could accomplish if you simply felt incredible every day.

It’s time to stop the symptom hijack so you can reach your financial goals and create a vibrant, connected and fulfilling life.

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My Tenets

For Health

Take Care of Yourself

Through nourishing foods, rest and play, daily movement and stress management.

Address Your Foundations First

To help you optimize energy levels, mood, cognitive function, weight and hormone balance

Nourish Your Body According to Your Biochemistry

Which foods reduce inflammation and support energy, hormones and mood specific to you?

Test, Don't Guess

Functional labs enable us to find the specific healing opportunities in your body that enable us to take strategic, personalized action in order to bring your body back into balance


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